Center of Excellence Hospital Pain Management

Center of Excellence Pain Management is the pinnacle of Modern Day Pain Management.  Forward-Thinking Hospitals with mature Essential and On-Call Pain Management Service Lines, now have the opportunity to become Leaders of Modern Healthcare!

Important Things to Know

Center of Excellence Pain Management Program require a minimum of 12 months to plan and execute.  Center of Excellence services include:

  • Pain Rehabilitation Program – Pain Consult™ has significant experience combining Physical Therapy, Pain Psychology, and Pain Medicine into CARF Accredited, 6-8 Week Long, In-Patient Chronic Pain Rehabilitation Programs.
  • Pharmaceutical Sponsored Clinical Trials – Pharmaceutical Funded & Sponsored Clinical Trials advance the field of Pain Medicine, generate Hospital Revenue, and provide significant Hospital Marketing opportunities. 
  • Pain Medicine Publications & National Conference Presentations – Center of Excellence Pain Management generated Pain Medicine Publications, Hospital Research Grants, and Expert Speaker Opportunities for Medical Staff and Hospital Administration.
  • ACGME Approved Pain Medicine Fellowship – ACGME Pain Medicine Fellowships are Funded through the American College of Graduate Medical Education.  The goal of these programs is to train the next generation of Board Certified Pain Medicine Physicians.
  • Community Marketing – Pain Consult™ works with your Hospital’s Marketing Division to create and implement a Hospital-Branded Center of Excellence Pain Management marketing campaigns.
  • Quality Assurance / Quality Improvement – Continual QA/QI by Board Certified Pain Medicine Physicians.
  • Professional Staffing – Pain Consult™ ensures recruitment, hiring, training, and stability of Physician and Midlevel placement; including Medically-Underserved Areas.

Benefits to Your Hospital

Center of Excellence Pain Management can bring Status, Marketing Opportunities, and New Revenue Streams to your Hospital. 

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