Additional Pain Consult™ Services

Additional Pain Consult™ Services provide hospitals with establish new, or refresh existing, Hospital-Based Service Lines.  Each Additional Pain Consult™ Service stands alone, and is independent of our Pain Management Service Lines.

Important Things to Know

Additional Pain Consult™ services include:

  • Anesthesiology – Anesthesiologist and Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) services to include: Operating Room Anesthesia, Non-Operating Room Anesthesia, and Conscious Sedation.
  • Anesthesiology Pre-Operative Clinic – Improve your Hospital’s CMS Value Based Purchasing by optimizing patients for surgery.
  • In-Patient Hospice & Palliative Care – An In-Patient Hospital-Based Hospice service improves End-Of-Life Care.
  • Orthopedic Surgery – Orthopedic Joint and Spine Surgery.
  • Podiatric Surgery – Foot and Ankle Surgery.
  • Psychiatry – Medication Management, Psychotherapy, and Electroconvulsive Therapy.
  • PICC Lines (Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter) – Antibiotics, Chemotherapy, and other Chronic Medical Infusions.

Benefits to Your Hospital

Additional Pain Consult™ Services can improve Existing Hospital Services, or create entirely New and Profitable Hospital Service Lines.

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